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Philippos Papathanos

Group Leader


Yael Arien 

Staff Scientist 


Daniel Udi 

Lab Manager 

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Neta Levine

 Insectary Manager

PhD Students


Dor Perets

with J. Bohbot


Inbal Polin

with Asaf Levy

Research Assistants

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Chen Zecharia 

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Itain Fein

MSc Student


Eli Scharlat


Eli spent 2 years in the lab supporting technically a number of projects in mosquito engineering. Eli also lead the development of a sex-specific alternative splicing module to specifically disrupt the function of native insect gene in females as part of his undergraduate 3rd year research project.


Flavia Krsticevic (2019-2023)

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Flavia was the senior bioinformatician of the lab from 2019-2023 being involved in most active projects or collaborations during this time. Her research interests and projects were varied but were mainly revolving around unscrambling Y-chromosome gemomics data from many species.

Rotem Avraham

MSc Student

Rotem's MSc research focused on the development of mosquito gene drives and more specifically on the characterization of sex specific gene expression during mosquito development using developmentally staged pooled RNAseq samples.

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Giorgia d’Angelo

Giorgia joined the lab as an Erasmus exchange student from the Univeristy of Pavia and the labs of Federico Forneris and Paolo Gabrieli (now University of Milan). Giorgia's project focused on the function of newly discovered salivary genes and their role in mosquito blood feeding.

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Moshe Elbaz, PhD (2020-2021)

Staff Scientist

Moshe joined the lab and spearheaded our genetic engineering efforts in Drosophila fly research. Moshe is also to thank for endless hours managing the recent expansion of insect rearing and engineering capacity.


Yehonaton Alcalay PhD (2018-2022)

Staff Scientist

Yoni was the first staff member recruited to the Papathanos group. Initially a Lab Manager, he was instrumental in physically setting up the lab, writing grants,, recruiting and training students, establishing protocols, alongside running his independent research. He was then promoted to Staff Scientist and led the Anopheles project in the group. Yoni is now working as Head of R&D at BugEra, an Israeli-based Insect Biotechnology company which specializes in genetic engineering of the Black Solider Fly.

Chen Goh (Summer 2019)

Visiting Research Intern

Chen joined the group as a summer intern from Imperial College London. He focused his 10 weeks in the lab on the development of new genomics data for Ae. albopictus, the Asian Tiger Mosquito. He developed custom pipelines to assemble and quantify gene expression through mosquito development and compile it into a mosquito atlas. He left us to return to his final year in Imperial College London, and then - sky is the limit!

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